Computers in Education

Development has been a major quest of people’s lives for quite some time. Technological developments have influenced all sectors of our lives including communication, transportation, health and education. It has caused significant changes to human lives it’s either, positive or a negative change.

Using computer at schools brings significant role among students and teachers. Children can now access Global libraries such as online video tutorials, free e-books, and FAQ forums where they can grasp concepts easily. Without the computer, students have to rely on books given in the classroom or in the libraries. And if they don’t understand the material, they only have limited resources in studying.

With the internet, the whole world opened an infinite amount of useful and relevant information. Students can find many different ways to solve a certain problem given to them. Through computer and internet, they can interact with people having same issues and can learn from each other.

Computers have supplied infinite resources for learning and made education more flexible and easy to access. Students can now gain knowledge and information not only from classroom assignments and libraries but also from available online resources. Video tutorials, free or paid e-books and several forums also contribute in the resources that are needed by the students.

Huge and organized storage of information is another characteristic of a computer. Teachers and students can download and store large amounts of lecture notes, presentation and other educational materials. Education made readily available to everyone and provided by facilities because people can learn at their convenience.

Apart from the mentioned advantages, computers also influenced students’ personal interaction with their classmates and mentors. As assignments and reports can be done online, there’s no need to do the traditional way of presentation. Computers ensure the accuracy of teaching text materials as it has a word processing software that provide spelling and grammar checking tool.

The more teachers know about computers, the more they can teach the students in a proper way. Knowledge of both teachers and students should not stuck in computers only, they should also learn the access of Internet.

Quicker communication using computers in education is another impact why technology is important in school. Parents will know the progress of their children through computer and internet. They can check the examination results of their children as well as attendance reports and their curricular and non-curricular activities.

Schools should provide their students the opportunity to access the Internet and the World Wide Web; it will help them to develop the knowledge about the current technology. The use of computers is quite necessary because it helps people to maintain the real world opportunities.

Computer technology can’t be underestimated, as it continues to evolve in schools and workplace. It made the access and the provisions of the education services easier, convenient to handle and cheaper. It also made the life of the teacher comfortable in handling classes and creating teaching materials. Computers have revolutionized education and it is leading to the bright future.

Advantages of Having Computer in Education